Recovering a Smartphone Gone Missing


A disastrous event that anyone fears is when an expensive smartphone goes missing due to loss, misplacement, or theft. Without cell phone tracking software running on the device, recovery of it is next to impossible. However there is hope with the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system as it has features to facilitate an attempt to recover a smartphone gone missing.

The Problems of a Lost or Stolen Smartphone

As mentioned previously, there is little that can be done when a smartphone goes missing without the StealthGenie spy app on it. The owner of a missing smartphone incurs troublesome situations such as

  • Personal information lost and in the wrong hands
  • Loss of use
  • Could incur additional charges
  • Emotional distress
  • Replacement expense

Losing a smartphone is not only about replacement expense. The information contained on it could be personal or business-sensitive and damaging if it gets into the wrong hands. One risk in this situation is that of identity theft.

If the smartphone not running the StealthGenie cell phone tracking app is being carried off by a thief or a “finder” there is no telling just how much it will get used before you discover it is gone. Thus, it is quite possible that the usage could exceed the limits of your calling plan and you get hit with additional charges.

In any event, there is the loss of use which can have a severe impact especially for business. Employees with lost business-issued smartphones and no cell phone spy running on them lose contacts, calendar appointments, and memo files with little chance of recovering them.

The Features for Recovery

With the StealthGenie cell phone spy, you get these features to help you when it comes to recovery of a lost or stolen smartphone:

  1. Current GPS location
  2. Lock the smartphone
  3. SIM card change alert
  4. Listen to smartphone surroundings
  5. Wipe the phone data clean
  6. Start/pause/delete cell phone spy app
  7. Backup phone data

These are not the only features available with the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system. The product has a long list of them. However these are the ones that can be extremely helpful when your smartphone goes missing.

Find the Missing Device’s Location

gps locationThe first thing to do when you discover that your smartphone has gone missing and it is running the StealthGenie cell phone spyware is to try and locate it from your subscriber control panel.

With the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system, you can get the device’s current GPS coordinates right from your subscriber control panel. It could be that your smartphone is right in your office or home.

Take Action If It Is Moving

If viewing the monitored smartphone’s position indicates that the smartphone is moving then more than likely it is a theft situation. Here again, it is no problem with the recovery tools provided by the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system.

First, you can lock the smartphone so that the current holder cannot access it. Then, you might want to try calling your smartphone and just maybe the person is not a thief at all but looking for the owner of the device anyway.

If all efforts to contact the current holder are fruitless, you can take action to backup the phone’s data, stop the StealthGenie app running on it, and then wipe the phone’s data along with the cell phone spy software from the device.

A smartphone is too valuable of an electronic gadget to not have the StealthGenie cell phone spy running on it. The cost of the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system is very affordable when you compare it with the cost you incur if the smartphone is lost or stolen. When you get a new smartphone, visit the StealthGenie website and order this powerful product right away.

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