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How Cell Phone Spy Software Guards Your Company

One of the uses of cell phone spy software is to monitor the usage of smartphones purchased by a business and issued to employees that need them in the performance of their jobs. However, as an employer you want to make sure that these phones are used within the boundaries of company policy and mobile spy helps you do this. Here’s how.

Monitoring Productivity

Cell phone spy software can reveal the productivity levels of the employee carrying a company-issued cell phone. The software monitors SMS messages, emails, website browsing, time spent chatting, and call logs. The cell phone spy app reports full message texts as well. Given all this information, you as an employer can quickly determine if too much time is being spent on activities not related to the job.

Keeping Morale High

How employees refer to their company and management has a direct effect on employee morale. All it takes is one employee to start tearing down the company and management and morale will begin to drop with a resulting effect on productivity. With cell phone spy software, you can see all of the messages and see any negative statements exchanged among the employees with these phones. Thus you can intervene and stop a morale problem before it snowballs.

Guarding Sensitive Information

Your company has new ideas, strategies, plans, and initiatives aimed at increasing profitability. The information related to these is sensitive and must be guarded from your competition for obvious reasons. With cell phone spy software running on a company cell phone, you can see if the employee is communicating with your competitors.

Maybe your employee wants to take these ideas and get a job with your competitor. Even GPS tracking can tell you if your employee is making visits to your competitor’s site. Or, a spy product that can listen in to surrounding sounds can hear conversations by your employee if you suspect he is meeting with your competitor.

Protection of Assets

How would you know if an employee is embezzling funds from your company or sneaking inventory out of the back warehouse door? With cell phone spy software, you have a better chance of finding out if an employee of this sort is up to no good. This is because there is the possibility that he would be coordinating efforts with someone else and using his company-issued cell phone to send emails and SMS messages. Or, if he’s smart enough not to do so, having an app running on the cell phone that can listen in on surroundings or take a stealth photo that reveals inventory being moved out of the back is valuable.

Efficient Use of Resources

Company-issued cell phones are expensive not only to buy but also pay for the service each month. Without cell phone spy software running on them, you cannot tell how many SMS messages are being sent and how many calls are being made. It those SMS messages and calls are for official business then no problem but if not then it is a useless waste of resources.

Are They Working?

If an employee has a company-issued smartphone without cell phone spy software running on it, you wouldn’t know if he is actually working when out of the office. Here is where GPS tracking and listening in on surrounding sounds come in handy. You can determine if your employee is actually making that delivery call or if he started happy hour early.

What are Their Plans?

With cell phone spy software running on a company-issued cell phone, you can look at your employee’s calendar and determine if he is taking care of what he should be. You can also notice if there are some questionable plans that aren’t part of his job.

My Cell Phone is Missing

As mentioned before, cell phones are expensive but it is not only the price of the phone that you need to be concerned about. The information on it is priceless and could be damaging to your business if compromised. This is where you want cell phone spy software that protects your business in the event that a monitored smartphone is lost or stolen. You would want features that lock the phone, track its location, notify you of SIM card changes, and wipe the data from it if all hope of recovery is gone.

As you can see, if your employees have company-issued smartphones then you would be wise to have cell phone spy software running on them. Don’t leave yourself and your business open to exploitation through the misuse of smartphones.

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