Welcome to Populister

Populister is an entirely new kind of networking site. Make lists, meet friends and find new things to discuss and debate. Find people near you, people like you and be sure that they share your interests.

Why spend a half hour filling out a survey to see if you could get along with someone or share their interests? Instead, why not have fun expressing yourself and your preferences, and see who also shares your interests? Who else out there likes the music you like, and can talk about the places you’ve been? Some of the lists are funny, some are useful and some off-the-wall. You might just find other things you never knew existed. Just look to see who shares things in your lists, visit that person’s profile and add them as a friend.

Populister is dedicated to changing the way people interact on-line. It should be fun – not a chore – to discover new people and new things. The best way to do that is to naturally have something in common with that person. We have created a way to do just that. In the future, we’ll be adding more functionality and should have great new tools for you to manage your friends and interests. Please keep checking back for more.

Thanks to everyone who has been part of the process to bring this idea to the world. Your feedback has helped create a great online community, and we look forward to unveiling some things that simply do not exist yet in the world of online networking and gaming.

-The Populister Team (www.populister.com)